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Garlic sauteed Spinach in 2 mins | Super Easy Healthy Side-dish | Weight Loss Recipe


Hey guys, here is a quick, flavourful and heart-healthy garlic sauteed Spinach which can be prepared in 2 minutes. Please try and don't forget to comment, like, share & SUBSCRIBE to my channel Curry for the Soul on YouTube for more such easy and delicious recipes.

Spinach, popularly known as superfood is good for our heart, eyes, bone health, brain, fights cancer, prevents Asthma and helps to reduce weight as it is low in calories.

All you need to do is wash and chop some fresh spinach and 3-4 garlic cloves. Heat some coconut oil (instead of butter or any other oil to prevent dementia) and saute garlic until light brown. Add some sesame seeds, some chilli flakes for the kick and the spinach.

Saute the spinach in an open pan until it wilts away. I have added a veg stock cube to enhance the flavour because I want my grand kids also to like it. Kids generally don't like veggies. Tell them that their favourite cartoon character superhero Popeye eats spinach for strength and they will happily eat it.

Since the stock cube has salt, you need to check the salt and then add a bit of salt, if necessary.

Turn off the heat and squeeze little lemon to balance the flavour.

You can serve it as a side dish. It compliments very well with scrambled eggs, chicken, steak dishes, etc.

Garlic sauteed Spinach in 2 mins Recipe:

Prep time: 3 mins. Cook time: 2 mins. Total time: 5 mins.

Author: Curry for the Soul

Recipe Type: Vegetarian delight

Cuisine: Indian

Serves: 6


  • 2 bunches fresh spinach

  • 1 tbsp garlic, chopped

  • 1 tbsp sesame seeds

  • 1 tsp chilli flakes

  • 1 veg stock cube

  • Salt as per taste

  • 1 tsp lime juice


  1. In a deep wide pan, heat 1 tbsp coconut oil, add the chopped garlic and saute until it turns light brown

  2. Add sesame seeds and when they sizzle, add chilli flakes

  3. Stir and add the chopped spinach. (If using baby spinach, you don't have to chop it).

  4. Saute the spinach until it wilts away (Don't cover the pan as it will change the colour of spinach).

  5. Now add one veg stock cube especially for kids for extra flavour (optional)

  6. Mix, check the salt and if required add a bit of pink rock salt

  7. Turn off the heat and squeeze some lime juice

  8. Serve as a side dish with scrambled eggs, chicken, steak, etc and enjoy.


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