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I am ever grateful to all those who joined my Indian Cooking Classes and inspired me to continue teaching, learning and sharing my love for delicious, healthy, fresh and wholesome food. Thank you and may the love of cooking always remain with you. 



"I would highly recommend Curry for the Soul to anyone wishing to learn how to cook delicious and authentic Indian recipes. We used the cooking school as a team building exercise, it was fantastic. Everyone really enjoyed the experience, there were lots of hands on activities and we all finished with a fabulous dinner. Eliza was a fantastic teacher and wonderful host and her food was out of this world. Can't wait to do another one. Thank you Eliza"
Carrie J
"If there was a 10/10, this is what I would award Curry for the soul. Eliza is very knowledgeable not only in her cooking techniques, but also providing you with information about the benefits of spices for your well-being and healthy life style.The classes are held in a friendly, family orientated atmosphere, like going to a close relative’s home.I attended the class with friends/work colleagues. The recipes demonstrated, were easy to follow and I have since been successful in replicating these dishes; to a very close resemblance of the original tasted. Eliza not only opened her home to us but also her heart, she and her family are warm and friendly. We cannot wait to book our next class and to continue to feed our souls. Thank you Eliza"
Gillian F
"I had a GREAT time at the Indian cooking session! Previously I have had very little experience with cooking Indian food, so I thought this would be a fun novel thing to do on a Saturday. I was not disappointed. Eliza and her family were very very hospitable and they obviously enjoy sharing their passion for Indian food. You'll find this course is great value for money-especially considering the effort put in behind the scenes. I am on a gluten and dairy free diet and was impressed that the recipes were especially modified to suit my needs. Along with the classic naan, we also learned a simplified version of naan which is perfect for people like me who don't usually spend much time in the kitchen. I've already successfully made it at home! The recipes are foolproof - very easy to follow. We were also given a printout of the health benefits of the foods and spices used in the 4 dishes. It's great to know that such delicious food is healthy too :-) The food was better than restaurant quality! I will be recommending this class to my family and friends and anyone who likes Indian food :-) Thanks Eliza!"
Ms W

"Eliza’s cooking classes were well organized with helpful tips along the way. Eliza is so friendly and enthusiastic and taught us with patience catering for our individual learning needs. At end of the cooking class we were provided with a printout of the recipes which was great to have for when I cooked these at home. Consideration was given to people like myself with food allergies and Eliza provided alternative cooking methods/ingredients to cater for these so I could still enjoy the food and flavours. Eating what Eliza had cooked at the end of the lesson was a good bonding experience and a delight, one that I will surely participate in again."

Angie Sanna


"Eliza's tips for cooking the best curry really helped in being able to recreate the meals at home. I thoroughly enjoyed my time, and look forward to coming back in the future!"
Tom B
"It was a fantastic day, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone. It was such a great environment to learn, and to better understand indian cuisine and cooking. I particularly liked the take home bag in order for us to recreate at home. (Though I am not sure ours was as good as the dishes we made under Eliza's tutelage). Eliza's exceptional knowledge was matched by her cooking expertise and has now raised the bar for every other dish that I try elsewhere. The best part was enjoying our efforts with our colleagues and friends, and sharing it with Eliza and her family, they were such gracious and welcoming hosts.Will definitely do another class soon"
Jay G
"I have had the pleasure of attending two classes at 'Curry For The Soul' and loved both. Eliza is a very gracious and supportive teacher, she has a very clear structure to her lessons as well as an amazing understanding of Indian food, including the health benefits of the various spices and ingredients. I have gained a good understanding and appreciation for home cooked Indian food using fresh ingredients - soooo much better than restaurant food. My husband loves Eliza as he now gets to eat the yummy curries and side dishes that she has taught me to create. Do your self a great favour attend a class, you will not only learn a great deal you will experience the gracious hospitality of Eliza and her wonderful family. P.S. make sure you eat small before going as the meal you will share will be amazing"
Alexis D
Delicious and easy to cook. I enjoyed every dish and learnt so much about the benefits of spices. I tried all the dishes & they turned out exactly the way it was taught in the class. I will definitely come back to learn more”

Louise V


I loved the simplicity and blends of flavours and spices. It was a truly relaxing and amazing experience 
Robyn G
I enjoyed the whole experience and the step-by-step instructions. I loved that the ingredients used were fresh, wholesome and healthy.Thank you for such a wonderful class"
Rebecca Grant
Review on Style Magazine
Your one-stop gateway to cooking divine Indian cuisine! Come and experience a unique cooking class where generations of culinary secrets and tips are revealed, so you can create authentic Indian cuisine at home. With more than 40 years of experience, Eliza Sequeira will teach you how to cook authentic Indian cuisine with step by step, easy to follow instructions. Learn to prepare mouth-watering kebabs, chicken tikkas, exotic meat curries, delicious vegetarian curries and melt-in-the mouth naan breads. Classes are held on Saturdays and Sundays and vary between 3 to 4 hours, using fresh ingredients to create delicious, healthy and wholesome meals as cooked in a traditional Indian home.
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